On Pyramid

by Sat In What

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a "concept" album concerning future astronauts, deities, ancient peoples, the end of the world, and glenn frey. its a love story.


released January 1, 2010

written/recorded/mixed from july to december 2009 at home by sat in what.
greg peterson-guitars/voices. amy huffman-bass/voices. michael bredehoft-keyboards. courtney nore-drums. christopher johnson-drums. ryan nash-guitars/voices.



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Track Name: The Allegory of the Bastard Eagle
sell the farm you done spun your yarn got paid until you got in the way now the money aint free and the chicks believe that you're a lifetime past your day though this bird won't fly it still survives like the people that you knew long ago but you still can't see you can't believe that he ever could have put on a show
Track Name: ...(Egypt)
held tight lipped like a sour note misplayed and a head held shaking at all we let back in even all the world with it's ears and eyes and trees can't expect the worst things of all you know that's best and you know that you're going to make it home
Track Name: Sand In Expanse
ever come back if ever were we've blown your pictures escaped your words a model system to pave in your way we're holding space in our hands you'll hide in space with your plan a million miles away and overhead a wonder our mistakes have gone unchecked
Track Name: It Sphynx In Here
soon come june to spark the light to fly away from you seems you'll be beside me anywhere we try to leave tied up nicely you'll sleep in my web and feed on what was left to die in here
Track Name: Old Giza
confusing the senses mistakably endless bent on the fruit of your lack to spite all it never attracts should be a sign to all to not remain defenseless.
i'd bet on the catch of your life against my unspokens forget all you thought would survive these rarely do
Track Name: Cairomania
doesnt matter when doesnt matter why doesnt matter what you say everything is done feeding on the chum of your prey all that ever was and what never is got you what was your size one that had it bad one that had a smile one was even on her back doesnt matter when everything begins to go black all they ever did loaded out the grid cut them off from inside.
heya loa on mah heya maloa it's true it's true